Featured Properties

NAHT is proud to partner with our Developers and Investors to provide important affordable rental homes that promote dignity for their residents.

We are committed to developing quality, sustainable properties that add value to the communities in which they are located. 

Featured below are some examples from our portfolio. 


  • Nicollet Towers:
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Nicollet Towers apartments is a project serving elderly residents, families, and long-term homeless residents situated in 2 three-story buildings, one 12-story tower, and one 20 story tower southwest of the central business district in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Hastings Village Gardens:
    Location: Hastings, Nebraska
    Hastings Village Gardens apartments is an Elderly Affordable Rental Housing Project consisting of 40 two-bedroom units for households with residents aged 55 and over.  Village Gardens is located on the Good Samaritan Village campus in Hastings Nebraska.