Asset Management for Investors

NAHT is proud of its long-standing partnerships with our Investors. We understand the intricacies of managing assets on behalf of our Investment Partners while collaboratively working with Development Partners of the projects.

Our Asset Management team directly oversees every project and partnership agreement throughout its investment life. On behalf of our Investors, our top priority is to ensure every project remains on track for completion while assuring projected returns. 

The Asset Management team currently oversees more than 22,000 rental units in more than 165 project nationwide. 

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring is one of the key services NAHT offers to its Partners. Sustaining the viability of an LIHTC project during and after construction and throughout its compliance period is the focus of our Asset Management team.  

Property Site Inspection

NAHT conducts regular property site visits to ensure the project maintains its affordability structure, complies with LIHTC guidelines, and meets or surpasses the financial benchmarks set forth by Investors on each deal. 

Risk Rate Portfolio

NAHT analyzes each of the projects in our portfolio and provides a quarterly risk rating. We follow the Affordable Housing Investors Council (AHIC) guidelines. We use a quarterly watch-list to help manage our portfolio. 

Construction Monitoring

NAHT’s construction monitoring services include detailed oversight of the construction process and checking the quality and accuracy of the work. Construction monitoring is implemented through periodic in-person visits to the properties.

Disposition Financial Analysis and Consulting

NAHT takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to the review and disposition of limited partner assets. We work with mostly nonprofit Developers, and most partnerships contain a right of first refusal for 501(c)(3) sponsors. We carefully review the projects and determine whether value may exist for Investors. We engage a holistic approach to the asset by working with both the Developer and the Investor with approaches that focus on keeping the project affordable.

Work Out Analysis

NAHT's team is comprised of seasoned Asset Management experts. The projects in our portfolio are important to the local communities and are supported by strong nonprofit Developers. The intent of the Developer is to keep the project affordable for the life of the asset. When an issue arises, the qualified Asset Management staff work closely with the Developer to resolve any obstacles and assure the projects success.