Development Advisory Services

In an effort to maximize opportunities available to our Development Partners, NAHT provides comprehensive development advisory services that compliment the partners’ in-house efforts.

Services provided range from financial feasibility analysis, tax credit application submission to full project management.  

Development Advisory Services (DAS) has secured LIHTC awards for NAHT partner projects in 21 states, including AK, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, LA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NV, OH, OK, PA and SC. DAS has expertise in the following: FHA 221d(4) and 223(f), RHS 515, HUD 202 Mixed Finance, CDBG, HOME, FHLB AHP, State Tax Credits and various state and local financing sources.

Financial Structuring

NAHT employs a full-time staff of financial structuring professionals who are responsible for modeling projects to make sure they conform to standard underwriting guidelines and tax structuring practices. The financial models that we produce forecast equity pricing, payment schedules, investor yields, syndication fees and reserves, and other investment details. Additionally, this team provides long-term feasibility studies for property operations, debt and disposition analyses. Financial structuring is a continuous process implemented from project conception through partnership closing, and into the construction and asset management periods, as requested.

Standard Services

Standard Services include feasibility analysis, financial modeling and application services. From inception through funding award, DAS works closely with our partner’s development staff to identify and implement a financing plan that meets the developer’s goals. NAHT focuses on helping our partners manage risk and effectively market the project to the Housing Finance Agency and other prospective funding sources.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services extend the DAS roles under Standard Services. On the partner’s behalf, DAS manages a team of development professionals from development concept, funding award, closing, construction and permanent conversion/8609, a period which typically runs 3-5 years. DAS Project Management Services effectively extends the capacity of in house staff.

DAS has provided Project Management services for 14 projects, 1404 units, $235 million of total development costs, and $21 million in developer fees. Project types include Acquisition / Rehabilitation, New Construction and Permanent Supportive Housing.