Fund Management

NAHT’s proactive and technical assistance promotes successful management of our investment portfolio of projects to ensure the investments remain physically and financially viable, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Working in partnership with our Development and Investor Partners, our Fund Management group promotes the success of the LIHTC assets.

Investor Reporting

NAHT maintains an industry driven information system to collect, store, extract, analyze and aggregate this data.  Working closely with the asset management team, NAHT’s investor reporting team monitors the operations and financial stability of LIHTC projects to identify emerging trends, minimize investment risk and protect the low-income housing investments.  In addition to the annual audit and tax reporting, NAHT provides comprehensive reporting services for Tax Credit Funds with quarterly reports that include; tax benefit summaries, property profiles, portfolio summary reporting and financial statements.

Tax Benefit Summary

The flow of information to our Investors deals with a wide variety of reporting and analysis related to these fundamental aspects. Tax and performance data is compared to projections and aggregated into investment property, fund and portfolio performance measures. This facilitates in maximizing the return and tax benefits to our Investors while minimizing the long-term investment risks.


NAHT reviews and approves annual audits and tax returns. We resolve any inconsistencies and performance issues prior to final submission by proactive communication with our Developer Partners, their accountants and our Fund accountants.  NAHT’s outstanding working relationship with our Developer partners provides for timely receipt of all investment partnership audits and tax returns.