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NAHT for Developers

When developers partner with NAHT, they immediately understand the reasons for our reputation as a high-quality, service-oriented equity syndicator.

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NAHT for Investors

NAHT has decades of experience in identifying, securing, and managing Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity. We ensure timely returns and community impact for our investor partners.

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Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis

Uniting Against the Affordable Housing Crisis: A Triad of Nonprofits Takes Action

Amidst overlapping crises – the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, alarming unemployment rates, and urgent calls to address systemic racism – the U.S. faces another profound challenge: an acute shortage of affordable housing. With millions grappling to meet rent and facing potential eviction, temporary policy measures have proved insufficient to stem the impending crisis, threatening massive displacement and homelessness. These housing challenges disproportionately burden communities of color, who historically suffer under predatory lending and deep-rooted racial inequities. Recognizing the intertwined relationship between housing and overall health, three leading nonprofits – the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF), and National Affordable Housing Trust (NAHT) – have united in a groundbreaking venture. Together, they aim to raise $1 billion in five years, targeting the development, preservation, and operation of about 10,000 affordable homes nationwide, with an emphasis on serving communities of color. The initiative underscores the necessity of reimagining our nation’s housing paradigm.

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