Jim Bowman

President & CEO (Retiring)

Jim Bowman has over 30 years of experience in investment banking, capital markets and community building projects. As a known leader in the development and preservation of affordable homes, he has secured investments for the construction and rehabilitation of over 18,000 rental units for people in need. Jim has diligently worked with investment partners and top multifamily housing developers to ensure that quality, safe and sustainable places to call home are available to the most vulnerable groups of people throughout our society. 

In 1998, Jim took the helm of NAHT, but his leadership dates back almost two decades. Prior to joining NAHT, he served in the following roles: SVP of the Housing and Long Term Care Group with National City Investments, Director of Finance for Franklin County, Ohio and Chair of the Metropolitan Human Services Levy Review Committee in Columbus, Ohio.      

Jim passionately led his staff of highly trained and proficient professionals with the sole purpose of providing financial innovation for the creation and conservation of affordable housing across the United States.

Jim is an alumnus of The Ohio State University, where he completed is undergraduate and graduate education. He holds a B.A. degree in Economics, as well as a M.A. degree in Public Administration.