Asset & Fund Management for Developers

At NAHT, we work closely with our Development Partners on managing the entire project from conception to completion.

Our Asset Management team works with our Development Partners as we review potential investments, and they directly oversee every project and partnership agreement throughout its investment life. 

On behalf of our Partners, our top priority is to ensure every developer receives the capital from our investor partners, on time, to complete the preservation and development of their properties. 

The Asset Management team currently oversees more than 22,000 rental units nationwide.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring is key to sustaining the viability of a LIHTC project during and after construction, as well as throughout its compliance period. NAHT's Asset Management team remains focused on this crucial component of the Asset Management process. Our experienced and trained staff is committed to monitoring the ongoing operating performance of the property.

Property Site Inspection

NAHT's Asset Management team conducts property site inspections to assist our Developer Partners in maintaining the project's affordability, comply with LIHTC guidelines and meet or surpass the financial benchmarks. The inspection also provides an opportunity for our Asset Managers to see the physical condition of the asset and the local market. 

Risk Rate Portfolio

At NAHT, we analyze each of the assets in our portfolio on a quarterly basis. Each assets is assigned a  risk rating using  the Affordable Housing Investor Council (AHIC) guidelines. This rating system allows us to manage our portfolio and focus our time where most needed. NAHT's Asset Managers work with our Development Partners to manage an action plan for any asset that scores a watch list rating. 

Construction Monitoring

NAHT’s construction monitoring services include detailed oversight during the entire construction process including tracking the progress and logistics of the site work and improvements being done to the property and checking the quality and accuracy of the work. Construction monitoring is implemented through periodic in-person visits to the properties by NAHT staff and third-party providers.