NAHT invests Investor capital from local, regional and national Investors with projects from strong regional and national development partners. We provide investment opportunities for projects that create meaningful differences in the communities where they are based. NAHT partners with SAHF members and other nonprofit or mission driven developers and owners. 

NAHT provides investment opportunities through its tax credit investment funds. Some Investors are looking for diversification of risk and NAHT provides multi-investor funds that meet this need. Other Investors are looking for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit and this is best achieved through investment in a single investor or proprietary fund. NAHT also works to provide innovative investment opportunities through guaranteed and specialized subject matter or “profile” funds. 

NAHT has developed several investment funds using additional capital from Foundations to address specific concerns. NAHT worked with Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors and The MacArthur Foundation to structure an investment fund for affordable housing projects using tax credits that addressed concerns associated with loss of rental subsidy. NAHT has worked with The Kresge Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The Corporation for Supportive Housing to develop an investment fund to document the impact of social service coordination in family projects. This investment fund also explores the use of pay for performance indicators to provide financial support for these projects.  

NAHT focuses on economically sound affordable properties with mission driven Development Partners.